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Flattr IV: Taking sides

Creator's side

Flattr placing themselves on the creator’s side, can be considered a way for the network to take the weaker’s side in society, David against Goliath, which of course can make them more sympathetic from members’ – and potential members’ – perspective. There may be a social critical approach to businessess in the capitalist culture as large, greedy industries and Flattr knows they have to distance themselves from the image of a company. The organization behind Flattr has roots in the hacker culture and with these values ​​as a foundation they may have a need to show that they are part of the creators’ community instead of say entrepreneurs’ community.


It is also a way to attract their target audience that might be interested in creativity and support of this, in addition to creators themselves who will put a Flattr button on their material. The self-image of Flattr as a network that works to support creators can thus be seen as a necessary part of the fellowship itself, with its norms and values, and partly for business’s sake, meaning that the network will continue to grow by attracting more of its target audience.



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