Media and communication

The craftsman and the Internet


Richard Sennett (2006) argues that a problem in the capitalist culture is that the individual is faced with different challenges, one of which is a threat to the craft. A craft means a work that strive for quality, as an example a manual work such as a handmade, carefully crafted chair of a carpenter, an intellectual work such as writing a linguistically and with pleasure read book, or a social craftsmanship in creating a long lasting relationship. Sennett (2006, p.77) defines it as

”doing something good for its own sake”

which may allow the creator to enjoy a pride in his work and his skill. In a capitalist culture, the focus is on short-term transactions when time costs money and the acquisition of money is essential, and then to do something for its own sake, a craft, can be seen as a threat because it requires time and practice to become skilled. The idea clashes with the employees in the modern and flexible institution expected to do many different things at once (Sennett 2006).

The Internet, however, is considered to have promoted the craft by making it easier for creators to exhibit their works as they can more easily reach out globally and thus finding a potential narrow target group for a narrow and specific material. The digital world could strengthen the craftsman’s ability to sell his work, since he now is not as geographically limited in reaching a customer and with digital forums created specifically for those interested in a particular type of work can it can also be simplified as a customer to find a specific craftsman. For example, a digital forum for sci fi illustrations where interested individuals, clients, and craftsmen can be interlinked. Meanwhile, the technological infrastructure meant a sharp reduction in the cost of copying the material and distribute it to many, this has meant that the users can estimate the work itself much lower, and even so that he or she expects it to be available free on the Internet.



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